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Thread Chain Selection Techniques
Sep 06, 2016

Stringing cable protection chain is a powerful tool, it form tank chain, also known as tank-like chains, chain consists of plastic drag chains and steel drag chains.

Neergaard: select built-in cables, tubing, pipe, water pipes and other thick one as the reference height, plus the height of at least 10% space as high within the chain, after the if overlapping overlapping actual height as a reference level.

Neikuan: choose a thicker cable, tubing, pipe, pipes, outside diameter and drag chain width of reference, and will have a width of at least 10% space.

Bending radius: choose a built-in cable, tubing, pipe, water pipe, maximum bend RADIUS as a reference value, space and 10% above, built-in drag chain cables, tubing, pipe, pipe place principle.