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Electrotechnical Equipment

Electrotechnical equipment includes any machine powered by electricity. It usually consists of an enclosure, a variety of electrical components, and often a power switch.In order to ensure the safe use of equipment with hazards arising from electricity and electromagnetic radiation these products must comply with schemes requiring tests according to various standards.Our range of services includes testing and situation audits,supply of new systems with planning ,installation and commissioning of both individual components and complex systems.High-voltage switchgear, Medium and low-voltage switchgear,Motors and generators,Transformers and transformer stations,Secured power supply.battery systems,Emergency diesel generator sets,Protection systems for switchgear, generators, transformers, units, Lighting systems,Earthing systems,Lightning protection systems,Active cathodic corrosion protection,Communication equipment and electronic guarding systems.
  • Paperboard Processing Cylinder Cohesion Machine

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    Paperboard Processing Cylinder Cohesion Machine

    Paperboard Processing Cylinder Cohesion Machine Description: It is designed for bonding the large insulation pressboard cylinder in the field of transformer, i.e. the hot sticking on the juncture of the insulation pressboard rolled to cylinder under certain pressure and...Read More

  • Paperboard Processing End Ring Milling Machine

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    Paperboard Processing End Ring Milling Machine

    Paperboard Processing End Ring Milling Machine Description: This machine is designed for manufacturing pressing rings and end rings of big type transformer via processing a paperboard. It is mainly to mill and turn internal and external circles and also mill arc, straight and...Read More

  • Paperboard Processing Beveling Machine

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    Paperboard Processing Beveling Machine

    Paperboard Processing Beveling Machine Description: Paperboard Beveling Machine is used for gluing insulating paper cylinder. It is specially designed for bevel milling, which is to glue insulating paper cylinder. The processing surface must be smooth without any napping or...Read More

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